How We Can Improve - Feedback from Campus

As The Office of Community Engagement, we prioritize community in our values and life choices—that is active citizenship. And we know that which communities we choose to prioritize and how we engage is shaped by racism, white supremacy, and many other systems of oppression. We offer limited perspectives, miss things, make mistakes, and reinforce inequalities, especially as a predominately White staff. As an office, we know we have more work to do, and we are committed to showing up for that work. 

We are changing the way we engage in our mission to incorporate a liberation approach, acknowledging that all of us are bound up and harmed by systems of oppression. The questions that guide us in this include:

  • What we can we do to liberate?
  • How can we make ourselves and others free?
  • Where is our joy, as individuals and in community?

We are asking for feedback and input from you as students. We want to know from you: where do you see OCE perpetuating racism, and what changes would you like to see?

What feedback do you have for us? 
Is there any identifying information you would like to share so we can follow up with you?